A cryptogram is a word puzzle in which a phrase or quotation is expressed in code. Each letter of the alphabet is replaced by another letter. Your job is to reveal the original text by converting the letters back.


  1. Focus on short words first. In English, a one-letter word must be either A or I. Two- or three-letter words are likely to be prepositions, articles, or conjunctions.
  2. Use punctuation as a guide, especially apostrophes. A single letter following an apostrophe might be a possessive S, or it might be part of a contraction like CAN'T or I'M. A PF PN at the beginning of a sentence might be IT IS, or if that sentence ends with a question mark, they might be IS IT.
  3. Look for similar words. If you see WXR and WXRU, the former might be THE, and the latter THEM, THEN, or THEY. If two words end with the same few letters, maybe they rhyme?
  4. A letter can't stand for itself. If you see the word OF in the puzzle, one thing you know for certain is that that word isn't "of".